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Stimulate the face and ears with this soothing experience that leaves you feeling renewed. Accompanied with a blissful soundscape.



  • Finger Tracing & Massage

  • Face Brushing (Fan Brushes)

  • Face Brushing (Makeup Brushes)

  • Face Rolling & Gua Sha

  • Dotting Tool

  • Ear Swabbing

  • Soundscape

  • Mind Clearing


Clear your body and ease your spirit with back work tingles flowing from your finger tips to your toes, along the spine and throughout the limbs.



Choose between 3 to 8 services listed below from any category to form your customized session:


Reflect on simpler times and revisit your safe places through hair brushing, combing, playful styling, head tools, and gentle head massage.


*IMPORTANT NOTE: For the comfort and safety of both our guests and ASMRtists, all services are performed with clients fully-clothed, and we DO NOT address areas of the chest or below the waist. All tinglesbar services are non-invasive and are intended for leisure and relaxation purposes. While our experiences can offer relief and aid in areas of stress, anxiety, depression, certain illnesses, sleep, and overall well-being, we do not guarantee any degree of measurable results or improvements to mental/physical/emotional health, and are not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnoses, or treatment of any ailment. As individual needs vary, always consult your doctor for suitable treatment of personal concerns.


  • Finger Tracing & Scratching

  • Back Scratchers

  • Back Roller

  • Harmony Roller

  • Back Bongers

  • Dotting Tool

  • Back Massage

  • Hand Massage



  • Finger Tracing & Hair Play

  • Hair Brushing

  • Hair Combing

  • Hair “Whisk” Massager

  • Hair “Dye” Brushes

  • Scalp Massagers (Short)

  • Scalp Massagers (Long)

  • Head Massage

White Flower Oil • Hand Cream • CBD Pain Cream • Face Serum • Under-Eye Masks

*All skin care products applied during our services are vegan, made from all natural & organic ingredients, and are suitable for all skin types.

We take your safety seriously!

At tinglesbar, our main priority is maintaining care, comfort, and compassion for both our clients and our staff. Due to the close proximity required for our services, the following protocol will be in effect:

  • If you are feeling unwell or have any symptoms of illness, please reschedule your appointment

  • ASMRtists will thoroughly wash hands before and after every client, will wear a new pair of disposable gloves to service each client, and will wear single-use 3-ply medical-grade face masks while performing any services

  • All reusable tools are disinfected in a minimum 70% alcohol after each use with multiple sets on hand to avoid cross-contamination

  • All single-use consumables are immediately disposed of after use on client

  • Hand sanitizing stations will be placed throughout the studio (upon entry, at every station, and at check-in counter)

  • Antibacterial liquid soap and hand sanitizer will be available at sinks

  • We ask that all guests thoroughly wash their hands, sanitize, and/or wear provided disposable gloves before interacting with objects in the Interactive Play Stations or 4D ASMR Media Hub (surface liners for VR will also be provided).

  • We kindly ask our guests to help us keep our studio tidy by disposing of any used consumables or trash prior to leaving the premises

  • High-touch surfaces are regularly disinfected with authorized cleaning agents and between interactions

  • Air purifiers will be placed in the studio for better air flow and circulation

    IMPORTANT NOTE: For the comfort and safety of both our guests and ASMRtists, we DO NOT address any areas on the chest or below the waist. 


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