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What Our Guests Have Said...

This was the coolest experience ever! Sooo tingly - have watched ASMR for a while so this was a dream come true!

– Jenny

Thank you for reminding me what it’s like to breathe again. Life was going so fast and it all finally slowed down in here.

– Emi

Thank you to each of you who made this pop-up possible. I’ve been dreaming of this for years. I felt so cared for! 

– Erika

Many thanks to all the staff who brought me to another dimension in a wonderfully relaxing way. Until next time!

– Tomas

I loved this and feel completely relaxed. I don’t want to leave. I hope you can continue providing this ASMR experience for all.

– Celia

What an amazing experience. So excited for the first ever ASMR space in Toronto. Looking forward to come back.

– Grace

This was so dreamy and wonderful. Such a leader and innovator in the ASMR community! Please do more!

– Gaby

What an awesome first time experience. It was just what I needed! Can’t wait to book again!

– Vanessa

What a great community we are building! I came in stressed – left feeling relaxed. Totally zen right now.

– Jillian

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