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Chuck, ASMRtist

As a previous Wellness Coach, Chuck is dedicated to engaging in activities that promote health while assisting, educating, and supporting clients in determining how to move forward in their wellness journeys. Having graduated from Humber's Workplace Health & Wellness program (with honours!), Chuck is an incredibly warm soul who also loves fashion and enjoys playing soccer and basketball - a lot!


Marie, ASMRtist – Team Lead

As a Certified Reiki Practitioner, Marie possesses a passion for the Holistic Healing Arts. Dedicated to spiritual growth, she aims to learn the ancient traditions of Indigenous Healers and their heart-centered Wisdom to honour the sacred body-spirit connection within herself and among her clients. Also a professional baker, Marie often enjoys creating warm treats when she's not channeling healing energy.


Steph, Studio Supervisor

Steph’s keen attention to detail and background in customer service offers her the ability to ensure a positive, pleasant, and memorable experience for any space she's involved in. Her approachable nature and passion for delighting guests makes her anyone's friend, almost immediately. 


Tammy, Founder

Possessing a strong and growing passion for ASMR, Tammy's longstanding dream of owning her own business that was focused on something she both enjoyed and could help people with is now becoming a reality. With a background in marketing and design, Tammy is currently working toward obtaining her license in Healing Touch in order to better understand and continue to offer and incorporate elements of healing energy into the tinglesbar services and experience – servicing a community she aligns so much with. "Our goal is to help ASMR become more widely-recognized and adopted into more traditional therapies, and we become one-step closer to accomplishing that mission every time a new guest enters our studio".

If you're interested in joining our Dream Team, please email your resume and cover letter to

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