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Tingly Things - An ASMR Shop

As a complimentary addition to our LIVE ASMR services, and in light of the ongoing pandemic, we had recently decided to launch Tingly Things – a curated shop of wellness goods.

At tinglesbar®, we’re all about achieving a continuous state of wellbeing, peace, and delight in all forms imaginable and we wanted to offer an alternative to our in-person experiences. Tingly Things is made up of some incredible brands that align with our philosophies and purpose, and that share our common goal of practicing consistent self-care. The products featured range from a variety of tools, sleep-aids, skin care, and literature to help elevate your own ASMR experiences, in the comfort of your home.

Our collaborations stem from careful research with a focus on small to medium sized businesses, many of which are local and run by companies we respect and admire. We have diligently researched, reached out, tested products, and developed a curated list of items that we feel so good about with brands we are so thankful to have met, got to know, and get to partner with in order to share with you some things we all love and are so proud of. Ideally these “tingly things” will offer you some relief, comfort, and positivity toward whatever circumstances you may be facing during these trying times and moving forward.

We hope you find something that interests you, suits your needs, or peaks your curiosity enough to try. We appreciate all support and would like to thank you and all of our collaborators for making our efforts worthwhile and for helping to grow the ASMR community and reach.

To explore what have in store, click HERE.

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