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Our Top 5 ASMR Resources

Updated: May 21, 2020

Still don't fully get ASMR? No sweat, it's a complex topic with a relatively minimal history and not a ton of scientific research behind it... yet. We've been exploring the highs and lows of this magical phenomenon and would like to share some of the best resources that helped us gain a better understanding of ASMR, its history, its purpose, and its super exciting potential to become something great in the very near future. Below you can learn more about what ASMR is, who experiences it, why it's happening and how you can incorporate it into your own life and that of loved ones!

For the Serious Scholar

If you're feeling ambitious or have a genuine passion for the topic, ASMR University created by Dr. Craig Richard is an entire website dedicated to all things ASMR, from research papers, to focus group findings and data, interviews with key individuals of the ASMR community and much more! He's also written a book entitled, Brain Tingles that teaches you how to stimulate ASMR on yourself or a partner, reduce stress, and improve sleep.

For the Bedtime Bookworm

One of our favourite ASMRtists WhispersRedASMR recently released her book entitled, Unwind Your Mind, which offers charming insight into her history with ASMR, how she became a content creator, and how ASMR can positively impact your life. A highly-recommended piece that dives into the significance and importance of ASMR, through careful and thoughtful perspective.

For the Visual Learner

To those that are completely new to ASMR and are looking for a place to start with it, is the space where the majority of ASMR content is consumed, shared, and discussed. Through the thousands of existing videos posted by the community, you may quickly find patterns in the stylizations of ASMR content, the framework, and perhaps even a basic understanding of the appeal. You will see common examples of soft-spokeness, whispering, slow movements, delicate actions, highly focused attention, and other actions eliciting immense care and relaxation. We do feel important to mention however that due to the recent increase in popularity amongst the ASMR "trend", many unrelated videos that do not necessarily classify as traditional ASMR may be covertly tagged. Things to remember: it should not be sexual, loud, jarring, or unpleasant in any way. If it is, it's not ASMR.

  • Youtube > Search Keyword: "ASMR" (We recommend watching GentleWhisperingASMR videos first as her content really encapsulates the true essence of ASMR, and it's no surprise why she is currently one of the biggest creators under the ASMR category)

For the Curious Collaborator

For those that are interested in chatting with more like-minded individuals, Facebook groups such as ASMR Fanatics and ASMR Discussion & Research Forum are great hubs to share insights, ask questions, and develop new findings relating to all things ASMR – all you gotta do is ask to join!

For the Audio Addict

Podcasts are great for those that want to maximize their time, learn on the go, and consume content whenever and wherever possible – whether you're at the gym or on a morning drive – just be careful not to nod off! One recent episode of The Amy Beecher Show podcast featured guests Dr. Craig Richard and Whisperlodge co-creator, Melinda Lauw, which offered amazing insight into the current world of ASMR and the directions it's heading in. The episode (#36) can be listened to here.

If you have any ASMR resources of your own to share, send us a message so we can check it out as well! In the meantime, let's spread the word and get ASMR talked about some more!

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