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What is this (tinglesbar)?

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Hello, and welcome! If you're here reading this, we've done something right enough to catch your attention – yay! So now you might be wondering, where are you? Well, if you're familiar with ASMR and are maybe even a fan of it then you're in a wonderful space where you belong in, with NEW and exciting experiences and opportunities in store for you! And if you have no idea what ASMR is, hopefully we've still peaked your interest and you'll stick around long enough to learn more about it.

ASMR is a feeling – a really good one, and we want to help more people experience it on a regular basis. It's a relatively new form of wellness and relaxation that not enough people know about, or talk about and we want to change that because we think everyone deserves to feel nice in this easy, safe, and wonderful way.

Currently, the majority of ASMR recognition and appreciation lives online. Through thousands of videos with millions of views, ASMRtists (ASMR+artists) offer hours upon hours of audio and video content that help viewers relax, sleep, and feel nice just by watching or listening to various trigger-pieces (whispering, soap cutting, tapping objects, rustling papers, role-playing personal attention scenarios, just to name a few). And one bit of recurring feedback that finds its way on almost every post or publication is, "we need this in REAL life", and we at Tinglesbar® totally agree. So here we are on a journey to developing a real-life, in-person, LIVE ASMR experience in Toronto, Canada and eventually more cities across the globe.

We hope you join us on this venture, help be part of this movement to making ASMR more widely appreciated and accepted, and just stay with us because it feels nice to be here.


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