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LIVE ASMR, it finally happened!

Whew, what a time it has been! This past weekend we wrapped up our mini series of LIVE ASMR Pop-Up events in downtown, Toronto and we’re still trying to process it all – our hearts are so full of joy and gratitude. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing our guests slowly open their eyes post-session, with a big, warm smile spreading across their face, and sharing how relaxed, tingly, or wonderful they felt from the services. It’s precisely why we started this all.

Our goal from the very beginning was to provide a space that offered care and comfort to anyone that came by, to demonstrate the countless benefits that are associated with ASMR with as many people as we could reach, and then go beyond that. We entertained the idea mainly for those in the existing community (there was already an incredibly common desire for an in-person ASMR spa but it was nowhere to be found, at least locally). We could have either waited for someone to come along to do it and simply enjoy the benefits as a receiver whenever the day would finally roll along, or attempt to launch it ourselves. So we did. And while we often have little to no idea what we’re really doing, it has somehow ended up all working out. Because at the end of the day, kindness and compassion breeds positivity – no matter who you are or where you’re coming from. That’s what you get when you come to tinglesbar. Whether our guests were entirely new to the concept of taps and whispers for relaxation, were arriving from a stressful day/week/month, or were avid fans who were super excited to at long last receive real-life back tracing, they all got what we intended to offer and each left feeling the same – “great”.

We’re by no means experts at this, but we do promise to continue working hard to share and spread the wonder that is ASMR. The potential of this endeavour is huge. People want in-person tingles and it needs to keep going, but we need help. Although there isn’t a definitive date for our next event yet, we’ll be spending the next little while focusing on expanding our team and finding partnerships to help us grow faster for you. We can’t wait for more to experience it all! It only gets better from here.

***1,000 thank-you’s to everyone who came by the studio – it was an absolute pleasure hosting you! To our longstanding supporters, thank you for the motivation and encouragement to keep us going! Our brand new friends – welcome! We see you and we’re getting to you soon! And to our amazing, fantastic, super wonderful team, none of this would have been possible without you.***

If you missed out on our events, join the waitlist HERE for our next one.

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