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We take your safety seriously!

At tinglesbar, our main priority is maintaining care, comfort, and compassion for both our clients and our staff. Due to the close proximity required for our services, the following protocol will be in full-effect:

  • Proof of full vaccination

  • Screening questionnaire upon entry

  • Guests should only arrive in accordance with their booking – with studio capacity set to a max. of 5 persons at any given time

  • Must be symptom-free with face mask worn at all times; client may only remove face mask while receiving service on the face area, or while consuming snacks/beverages

  • Everyone must maintain 6 ft. of physical distance from others while in the studio

  • When interacting with objects in the Interactive Play Stations or 4D ASMR Media Hub, guests MUST wear provided disposable gloves and surface liners (for VR)

  • All staff will thoroughly wash hands before and after every client, will wear a new pair of disposable gloves to service every client, will wear single-use 3-ply medical-grade face masks at all times, and a face shield or double-masks when client's face mask is removed during service

  • All reusable tools are disinfected in a minimum 70% alcohol after each use with multiple sets on hand to avoid cross-contamination

  • All single-use consumables are immediately disposed of after use on client

  • Hand sanitizing stations will be placed throughout the studio (upon entry, at every station, and at check-in counter)

  • Antibacterial liquid soap and hand sanitizer will be available at sinks

  • High-touch surfaces will be regularly disinfected with authorized cleaning agents and between interactions

  • Air purifiers will be placed in the studio for better air flow and circulation

    IMPORTANT NOTE: For the comfort and safety of both our guests and ASMRtists, we DO NOT address any areas on the chest or between the waistline and knees. 


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