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HAIR PLAY & HEAD MASSAGE                                                                                                                   $85/hour

Part 1: Embrace childhood nostalgia with soothing hair play and styling. Reflect on simpler times and revisit your safe places through hair brushing, combing, playful styling, and gentle head massage.

Part 2: Alleviate stress and tension in the head while establishing a relaxed and calm mind. Includes a combination of hands and tools for head tracing, and light to medium massage. 

(What's on "TAP" at tinglesbar®...)

BODY TRACING & RELAXATION TOOLS                                                                                                    $95/hour

Part 1: Clear your body and ease your spirit with tingles flowing from your finger tips to your toes – all along your spine and throughout your limbs. Includes hand and brush tracing with back relaxation massage.

Part 2: A treatment involving a selection of carefully curated tools to establish a full-body tingle that settles the soul. 

FACE & EAR ATTENTION                                                                                                        $85/hour

Part 1: Stimulate blood flow throughout the face with this soothing treatment that targets tightness and fatigue – an experience leaving you awakened and refreshed. Includes gentle face brushing, face rollers, gua sha, and light facial massage.

Part 2: Capture the essence of true sound and become hyper-aware of your audible surroundings with a personalized soundscape. Includes gentle ear attention and soft massage. 


• Try 25 minutes of any service part – Starting at $45

• Mix & match any 3 service parts to create your own 60-minute customized experience – $125


Your ASMRtist can offer any of the following additions to your service for an extra tingly experience!

• Skin Care Application* ($10) • Aromatherapy ($10) • Squishy/Slime ($5)

*Skin care application is available for face services only.

All services are performed in private rooms under your choice of lighting (light, dim, dark), with optional soft speaking/whispering,

and music choice (traditional, natural, pre-recorded, none).

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