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ASMRtist - Toronto, ON | Manhattan, NY | Brooklyn, NY

At tinglesbar we offer a full sensory serenity of pure delight through what is known as, "LIVE ASMR" relaxation services. ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) describes a deeply relaxing and soothing feeling that is triggered by various forms of visual, audio, and physical stimuli. As ASMR continues to be a booming subculture mainly experienced via online audio and video content, tinglesbar provides a physical space that offers LIVE, in-person experiences that induce ASMR on clients in real time. Our unique offering is developed and curated from traditional ASMR triggers with a goal to encourage a state of relief, relaxation, and enjoyment for our guests.

We are currently looking for Massage Therapists, Holistic Service Providers, or those with a background in Theatre Performance to join our tinglesbar team as, "ASMRtists". This position is customer service focused and requires you to perform our relaxation services on clients – you must have the ability to remain professional and comfortable while interacting with guests in our safe and closely-monitored service space(s). Possessing a practitioner's license in massage or holistic therapy is ideal, but not required.



  • Practice and relevant work experience in related discipline (Massage Therapy and/or Holistic Services and/or Personal Care Services and/or Wellness and/or Theatre & Live Performances)

  • Existing knowledge and an understanding of “ASMR” (community and content) is preferred

  • A keen interest in personal and professional development, and a driven desire to help build and expand our unique startup

  • Multi-tasking and organizational skills (necessary while maintaining a calm yet productive work environment and ensuring a setting that aligns with our branding and philosophies, for our visitors to enjoy)

  • Outstanding compassion, confidence, and patience with the ability to exemplify professionalism while providing the best care to our clients

  • A flexible work schedule to accommodate session bookings, for both weekdays and weekends


***Training on our services will be provided.


Location: Toronto, ON Canada (or) Manhattan, NY USA (or) Brooklyn, NY USA

Job Type: Part-time, Temporary, Contract

Salary: Hourly + Tips

If interested, please email your resume and cover letter to

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